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The Daily Newb – Mercury Retrograde and My Creativity

Well, I must say that I have never heard of this before. Yes, I often gaze at the stars wondering if there is some cosmic reason for everything, a universal truth, a bigger plan so to speak. But it wasn’t until recently that I heard of Mercury Retrograde….

What is it? The planets are swinging around at all times and their movements affect us all in strange and bizarre ways. All planets go retrograde, but Mercury’s journey seems to impact people much more than any other. Mercury isn’t really going backwards, it’s just hanging out by the sun, but from Earth, that makes it look like it’s in reverse. This period usually lasts a few weeks and occurs 3 times/year (sometimes even 4 times/year!) This current retrograde is from April 18th to May 11th.

So why does it affect us so much? It’s because Mercury rules communication, clear thinking, truth & travel, so when it goes retrograde — which means that it looks like it’s going backwards in the sky — all these things seem go backwards as well. Unresolved issues from the past rear their ugly heads, you get into strange arguments about nothing at all, everything seems confusing, new projects go amuck. Things just seem to be going in reverse. Electronics, like computer equipment crash. I just recently lost ALL of my 2010 data on my computer and when you operate 2 small businesses from home….this is not a good thing! Travel delays occur…..a certain Icelandic volcano comes to mind? No air travel for a week in Europe? Wow…I am glad I wasn’t traveling over there…although being stuck in Europe for a week couldn’t be that bad..lol. I think I would just park my butt in the Louvre and stare at the Mona Lisa until all the madness has passed.

So what does this have to do with my creativity? It has made me want to go into hermit mode and my creativity went out the door. Actually, I think it went to Iceland and is still trying to catch a flight back. I have been trying to create new paintings for the past few weeks but am struggling with a HUGE creative block. I am actually contemplating going back and looking at a few of my unfinished pieces. Not to mention, I am irritable, frustrated, feeling like half of my brain is missing. Every conversation is confusing and I am having a hard time focusing. As well, my computer crashing and losing my data didn’t exactly help my frustration levels much. Yes, this would be the joys of Mercury Retrograde. And I just thought maybe I was in perpetual PMS (although that is always possible too!).

So that is the BAD news…but I have been thinking (this is one of my clearer thinking days)…maybe…just MAYBE this could be a GOOD thing. It seems to me that this is the Universe’s way of trying to cleanse. Go back and deal with past issues, re-examine areas in our life that need a bit more work, tie up loose ends. Look at you life with fresh new eyes. Deal with that nagging monkey on your back. Instead of swatting at it and telling it to go away, maybe give it some space and listen to what it has to say. I know this isn’t easy….artist’s are usually very emotional beings. And yes, I am definitely an artist at heart. But if the door to our creativity is blocked, how can we move forward?  Gotta tell you I am not looking forward to this part….I have a whole barrel of monkeys to deal with..lol.  But from what I have heard this is a good time to have great breakthroughs….intellectually and spiritually….and who knows….maybe even creatively!

So here are a few tips that may help deal with the retrograde nasties….

–          Roll with the punches….this is a great time reflect, renew and slow down. Take some time for yourself.

–          If starting a new project be flexible. They may not always start on time…or be completed at all. Don’t freak out! Maybe you have an unfinished project from a few months ago that would better work with the situation.

–          Back up, Back up, BACK UP! Yes, back up your computer before the Mercury Retrograde starts….and don’t lose precious data like I did.

–          Go with the flow….maybe the universe is trying to tell you something. Let it nudge where it wants. Maybe there are important issues you need to deal with before moving on.

–          Be cautious when travelling. You may be delayed. If so, take the opportunity to enjoy seeing places you usually wouldn’t venture. You may find a new source of inspiration.

–          And above all…..don’t take things too seriously! Your spouse is on your case, your kids are driving you nuts and you can’t paint a damn thing…..STOP!  B-R-E-A-T-H…..and try to laugh about it. We have all lost our marbles and are functioning with half a brain right now. Don’t worry this too shall pass and we will be back to our glorious selves in no time!

The next Mercury Retrograde will be August 20th –  September 12th……oh joy…lol 🙂