The Daily Newb – What is a “Newbie Artist” and just WHY am I doing this?

Hello everyone! My name is Angella Goodon and welcome to my blog “The Newbie Artist”! Why the “Newbie” artist and not the “Emerging” artist? Why not? Must everything be so politically correct? I don’t think so. “Newbie” is defined as someone who is new to a particular group, activity, game, field of study, etc. Also a “newb”. Lol….I love this…why not have a sense of humor about being “green”, about starting at the bottom, about being new to something! Everyone has been or is a “newbie” at some point in their life. In this blog, I want you to come along with me on my journey of being a “Newbie” artist or emerging artist (for those of you who are politically correct!).  Here’s a little background on me and my journey as an artist…

I have always been creative. From a young age, our house was always filled with creative vibes. My dad, a metal artist, was always sketching and creating. I fondly remember watching him in his shop welding wild creations from nothing more than scrap metal. My brother is a musician so music always filled our house. For me, I kept sketchbook after sketchbook of drawings and future paintings. My mind was always dreaming of its next great creation.  I knew that it was always something that I wanted to do. It is such a HUGE part of who I am. When I started a family, however, my creativity took a back seat as I focused on supporting them. A full decade went by and it wasn’t until my early 30’s that I really got my creative spark back. In January 2009, I decided to take a bold leap and start showcasing my new work. I created a website, and I was in several juried art shows this year, including Artwalk. As well, an amazing opportunity was presented to me in October 2009 and I am now part owner in Kelowna’s only artist-run gallery, Little Shop of Artist’s. You can visit us online at

A lot has happened in one short year. But by no means am I fully supporting myself with my art. I am very new to this journey….very green….very much a “newbie”. Always looking for that “niche”, that secret back door that will catapult me to instant success! Well, not quite that dramatic but I want what every other artist wants….to someday be working as a professional artist fully supporting myself and my family. Maybe you’re a “newbie” like me….a mom of three, working full-time, raising my family, trying to find balance as I pursue my dream of becoming a professional artist. Even if your not a “mom of three”…lol…..but you are still pursuing your passion in life why not come along with me on the journey. I will be posting the “trials and tribulations” of what I am going through….from new painting techniques that I am learning… the art shows that I am part of…and everything in between. I will be exploring online marketing techniques….testing out what works and what doesn’t in regards to selling my art online. Anything and everything on the road to becoming a professional artist. So come on my fellow “newbies” and join me for this journey!

“Flourish” by Angella Goodon


4 responses to “The Daily Newb – What is a “Newbie Artist” and just WHY am I doing this?

  1. Looking forward to whats new with the Newbie!

  2. WOW! I just want to say how wonderfully proud I am of you! You have come such along way and have done so well! For someone that never used to even want to talk…lol…having this blog is a brilliant idea and I wish you lots of fun!

  3. Creative,honest and straight forward. I’ll join you on your journey.

  4. Wow! Great work… Im also a newbie and you’ve inspired me…. I’m looking forward to see whats next… Happy 2015 from ping

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